New Year sees New Show for AJS

On April 7th & 8th 2018, the Titanic Exhibition Centre will welcome Northern Ireland’s Premier Fitness Show. The iFit Show is a brand new type of Fitness Event, which showcases the best in health, nutrition, fitness and  well being.

Welcoming everyone to this event, from your first time gym goers to the professional athlete, iFit Show caters for everyone.

With two stages which will have live classes, seminars and cookery demonstrations take place, the iFit Show doesn’t just talk the talk but will get your walking, jumping and eating your way to a healthier and fitter way of life.

Saturday will see the Body Coach himself Joe Wicks lead one of his famous HIIT work outs and demonstrate one of his lean in 15 meals. He will also give the audience a chance to ask their own questions in a live Q&A session.

Sunday has the Results with Lucy team whipping us into shape. Lucy Mecklenburg with her team will take a live class and live cookery demonstration  to showcase how they get their best results. The audience will get a chance to any questions during a live Q&A.

Further speakers and classes will be released in the upcoming months so stay tuned for more news!

Let get fit and healthy, be part of the journey!